Brian McKnight is a very influential figure in the R&B music scene. Singer, songwriter, music producer, arranger and musician, Brian has had a very long career during which he has earned 16 Emmy nominations for his work. Apart from music, Brian McKnight has also been very active in other endeavours. He for example has a talk show similar to late night talk shows of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Connan O’Brien. Additionally, he’s also known for his European travelling adventures, Croatia, to be more specific. Rumor has it, Brian was swept off his feet with Dalmatian sunsets and mesmerizing Blue Lagoon tour Split that was organised by local company. For me Brian is a huge inspiration whose music has helped me through some bad times. Now I’m a working as a stock broker and financial analyst. It’s not exactly a prestigious job, but the pay is good and I love what I do. Recently I’ve been shifting my focus into etrading. If you want to learn more about what etrading is, you can checkout this article great 2018 etoro review which talks about all the pros and cons of etrading in great details. Next to being a blue collar worker, I’m also an avid fan of Brian’s, and I started this fan made website to talk about this great singer, singwriter, musician and all around great guy. Enough about that for now, let’s talk about the real star of the show, mister Brian McKnight.

Brian McKnight career and achievements

Brian started singing at a young age in a church choir. At the same time while he was in high school he has spent time watching his older brothers band success (his older brother was Claude McKnight III, from Take 6). All this exposure to music made Brian decide that music is what he wants to dedicate his life to, and he was so sure in himself that he left high school, which is very bold thing for a high school to do. At just 19 years old Brian signed for his first record label, Mercury Records, with the demo tapes that he recorded himself. That is a very impressive feat for a 19 year old, I think you’ll agree with me on that. He is truly an inspiration for young people everywhere.

First album releases

After signing up with his first record company, Mercury Records, Brian released his first self-titled album “Brian McKnight” in 1992. The album did well on the Billboard 200 chart, peaking at 58th place. Most famous single from the album was the song “One Last Cry” which was a top 20 single. Another 2 albums were released by Brian while being signed for the Mercury records, “Remember You” and “Anytime”. His third album, “Anytime” sold over 2 million copies, making it the most popular to date and it earned Brian a Grammy nomination. In 1997, his three year contract with Mercury Records ended and he moved on to better things.

Move to Motown records

Period from 1997 until 2003 was when Brian moved to a new record company, Motown Record, with which he has released another 5 albums. During this time, in 1999 he has released his most successful album “Back at One” which sold in more than 3 million copies. “Back at One” is also one of 4 albums made by Brian which has reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart. While signed for Motown records, Brian also released a seasonal album, “Bethlehem”, which obviously contained Christmas themed songs and music, reinterpretations of popular Christmas songs made by Brian. Albums released during his 5 years with Motown records where some of the most successful that he has made. I’m a financial guy, who enjoys reading things like the previously mentioned 2018 etoro reviews, and I can’t imagine how that feels, to have albums in the top 200 of the Billboard list. Maybe one day I’ll know that feeling too, once I get my music career rolling. 🙂 .

McKnight with Warner Brothers – the third era

From 2004 and up until 2012 Brian changed yet another record label. This time he signed a contract with Disney, which lasted for 8 years. Even though he was with Warner Bros the longest he only released 1 album during his time there. It was called “Ten”. The album produced three singles, “Find Myself In You”, “Used to Be My Girl”, and “What’s My Name”. It was during this period that “The Brian McKnight Morning Show” on KTWV radio went live in California, lasting from 2006-2010. After that he switched cities and started hosting “The Brian McKnight Show” on KISS FM in New York City. In 2009 up until 2010 he also hosted a talk show on TV called “The Brian McKnight” show. Even though he didn’t produce a great deal of studio albums during this period, Brian was still, as you can see, very busy.

From 2012 until now

After 2012, as his contract with them ended, Brian moved away from Disney and decided to start his own record label Brian McKnight Music LLC under Kobalt Label Services. Album “Better” was released in 2016 and it received mostly positive reviews. In the same year he also released “An Evening With” CD, DVD and Blu-ray of his performance in Saban Theatre in Los Angeles. In 2017 Brian recorded and released another album titled “Genesis” which featured 12 songs and garnered largely positive reviews. “Genesis” earned Brian a nomination for two NAACP Image Awards, for Outstanding Male Artist and Outstanding Album.

Join the unofficial Brian McKnight fan club

This website is made by a huge Brian McKnight fan who wanted to setup a place for talking about this great musician and also where I can get in touch with other fans of Brian’s. I also plan on posting some rare music finds of Brian’s on the blog, talk about his tour (when it takes place), and also do a more in-depth look at his discography. It’s basically a website from a Brian McKnight fan for other Brian McKnight fans.

If you want to get in touch with me you can do so by writing me a message here. I’m eagerly waiting to hear from other fans of Brian who might be interested in joining me here on the website as guest writers for news or other types of articles about Brian. I’m always looking for friends with whom I could talk about the music of Brian’s and who knows, maybe if enough of you contacts me, we could even arrange some sort of get together. Would anyone be interested in something like that?