Since I launched this fan page a couple of weeks ago I’ve been getting more and more messages from people who are asking me if there are going to be any kind of fan meetups, seeing how I did mention in passing that there is a possibility of a fan meetup if enough people get in touch saying that they want one. Well that’s exactly what has happened.

Brian McKnight California fan meetup

After the website was launched I didn’t really think that it’s going to get any visitors. Now that a couple of weeks has passed, not only that the website is getting visitors, but I’m actually receiving messages from you, messages which are as I’ve said asking me about a fan meetup.

Messages that I’m getting are overwhelmingly coming in from California, even though there are messages from other parts of the US, and the world for that matter (Japan especially). To see what kind of interest there might be for a fan meetup in California (from where most of the requests via messages have come) I’ve decided to setup this poll to see what kind of rough number of people would be interested in coming. California was picked because that’s where I’m from, and also from where most of the requests for a meetup have come. People from other parts of the US are also welcome to vote, come and join. If enough of requests come in from other cities, maybe we’ll organize a fan meetup there as well.

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