Brian McKnight isn’t exactly a prolific artist, having released only about 13 albums during his 25+ year long career, but then again it isn’t like he just sat on his behind and did nothing all these years, heh. During his career Brian has sold over 25 million albums worldwide, which is a very impressive feat. On average he has been releasing a studio album every 2 years, exception being only the time he spent signed to Warner Bros. when he took a pause from recording albums to focus on his radio and TV talk show career.

  • Brian McKnight (1992)
  • I Remember You (1995)
  • Anytime (1997)
  • Back at One (1999)
  • Superhero (2001)
  • U Turn (2003)
  • Gemini (2005)
  • Ten (2006)
  • Evolution of a Man (2009)
  • Just Me (2011)
  • More Than Words (2013)
  • Better (2016)
  • Genesis (2017)

This is the discography of Brian in a chronological order. Some of you might think that there isn’t enough of them, there should be more, but you know that old saying, it’s better to focus on quality over quantity. My favorite album is definitely “Back at One”. I currently have a poll in the sidebar where I try to determine what the most popular album of Brian’s is. Join in if you want to participate in this very important research. Hope you find this page helpful. Most of Brian’s music can be found online on iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and other similar platforms.