Back at One is probably my favorite album of Brian’s. This album has a lot of great songs like “Shall We Begin”, “Cherish” and “Stay”. There are many other songs from this album of course, the most famous being the one that gave the album its name “Back at One”, which is the song that we’re going to be talking about today.

Brian McKnight live music – Back at One performed live

Seeing Brian perform live is a very intimate experience. I guess this is true for a lot of other R&B artists, but there’s just something about Brian that makes listening to him live a very pleasant experience. Luckily Brian still cares about his fans and he does a lot of touring so I do see him perform live pretty regularly. Another lucky thing about Brian’s performances is that they are usually in small settings, like bars and clubs, which makes him and the audiance very close together.

“Back at One” is my favorite album out of all the albums made by Brian. Not that his newer work like “Genesis” isn’t good, it’s just the “Back at One” has that sentimental value of discovering and enjoying to Brian’s music for the first time attached. That can’t be beat by his newer work. Plus I was a lot younger back when I first started listening to “Back at One” and that also plays a part in me liking that album the most. I hope all you fans enjoy this “Back at One” live version. It perfectly captures the intimacy that I was talking about. In any case, enjoy.